A finished floor can be no better than the sub-floor underneath. When floors fail, it is in many cases not the fault of the product that is on top, but rather the concrete slab the floor is installed over. High levels of pH and Moisture Vapor Emissions in a concrete substrate can adversely affect the adhesive bond of new floor covering, which may ultimately result in bond failure.

Floors Inc. understands what can cause these conditions and knows how to resolve the problems excess moisture causes. Our trained technicians know how to work with concrete and how to bring it into industry tolerances to insure your finished floors will not fail, because of moisture issues.

Helping You Meet Your Construction Schedule
The ARDEX MC Moisture Control System is a two-coat epoxy resin system with sand broadcast to suppress excessive moisture vapor. It consists of an ARDEX P-MC primer coat and ARDEX S-MC sealer coat. This system is especially suited to treat areas of new concrete where the construction schedule is such that adequate drying of the concrete cannot be afforded.

The ARDEX MC Moisture Control System is a highly reactive epoxy system that produces an extremely hard surface, which tenaciously bonds to the substrate. This two-coat system reduces moisture emissions to an acceptable level, even over new concrete that is less than 28 days old, and serves as the priming system for Ardex engineered cement.

What is SystemOne™Ardex
SystemOne™ is a complete flooring installation solution backed by the most comprehensive full replacement warranty in the industry. ARDEX Engineered Cements the leading manufacturer of high-performance substrate preparation products and The W.W. Henry Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium flooring adhesives combine to offer the SystemOne™ Total Solution providing the ultimate peace of mind for architects, specifiers, facility managers, building owners, contractors and flooring installation professionals.

Unmatched Support
SystemOne Total Installations not only include best in class products and industry best warranties, but they also have the complete support of the ARDEX / HENRY® Architectural Team, more than 75 of the most knowledgeable Field Sales Professionals in the industry and our highly-experienced Technical Services Team. The ARDEX / HENRY® support teams provide a guaranteed 24-hour response, as well as on-site support throughout the entire installation process.

ARDEX also provides hands-on factory training for flooring installation contractors resulting in a network of highly-trained and skilled flooring installation professionals located throughout North America. SystemOne Total Flooring Installation Solutions…ultimate peace of mind & your best choice for installation success!

Download our General Substrate Preparation resource document.