At Floors Inc. we are committed to doing our share in protecting the environment. We have taken numerous steps to lead the local flooring industry in the three R’s of the “Green” initiative; Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. We have initiated this as a corporate directive from management on down and have structured this in a multi-pronged approach that includes multiple target audiences to have the maximum impact.

  • We have implemented an in-house recycling program to reduce landfill waste.
  • We recycle wooden pallets that are used in the shipping of our products. These will be broken down into pulp and then used as animal bedding for the Lincoln zoo.
  • We have added new product lines such as mechanically ground polished concrete in an effort to give customers additional environmentally friendly flooring options. This option allows the reuse of existing slabs, no harmful chemicals, and nothing ending up in local landfills.

In an effort to reduce the amount of carpet ending up in area landfills, Floors Inc. is a member of the FUSE Commercial Flooring Alliance’s Ecollect™ carpet reclamation program. The network is an exclusive member-owned by professional commercial flooring contractors and suppliers located throughout the United States. “Our focus is on waste management, sustainable services, and product reclamation”. The goal is simple – eliminate waste going to the landfills. The group’s Ecollect™ program is on target to divert approx. 5 million pounds of waste from landfills across the country this year alone.

Floors Inc. has aligned itself with many organizations in the area that are leading the way in the design and construction of environmentally friendly projects. These include Contractors, Designers, and Architectural Firms. Many of these customers have been directly involved with some of the area’s most “Green” building projects, a few which are planned to be, or have been LEED accredited.